Begin to sit right

Spine Hero tracks your posture via web (or depth) camera. When you sit wrongly,
it notifies you in the least disturbing way.

„I am using Spine Hero for two weeks and I can already see the progress.“
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„I had big problem with back pain because of my sitting job. Spine Hero helps me to sit correctly and to take regular breaks.“
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How it works

With web camera
Description how Spine Hero works when user uses web camera
With depth camera (it has superpowers :)
Description how Spine Hero works when user uses depth camera

We wont disturb your flow

In Spine Hero, we don't like when applications disturb us. So we created notification system
that notifies you in a least disturb way.
  • 3 different types of notifications to choose from
  • Activity monitoring - Spine Hero will automatically detect suitable time to show notification based on your activity on computer
  • In Spine Hero you can set challenges - you can start at 30 minutes of correct sitting and then improve yourself every day
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Importance of correct sitting

Many studies have proven that consequences of wrong sitting is pain in back, neck, head and other parts.
When you'll sit correctly, you'll feel more comfortable, confident and your productivity will grow.
Get more information about correct sitting on our health page.

Supported platforms

Windows 7
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8
Windows 10
Windows 10
All webcams
Depth camera
Depth cameras Intel F200, Creative Senz3D, (Intel SR300)

Try now

You can download beta release of Spine Hero. Please, don't forget to send us your feedback.
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